Eco- Friendly Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Are you interested in designing an eco-friendly kitchen? We are too. In fact, many of the kitchen design ideas we promote here at M&K are automatically sustainable because they’re inherently durable and minimize exploitation of Mother Earth’s resources. You can get as detailed as you want about eco-friendliness, and a professional kitchen designer will go to whatever level of sustainability you desire.

Some tips to think about when turning your kitchen into an eco-friendly environment:

• Choose quartz or Corian countertops

• Think about recycled materials

• Create a timeless kitchen design

• Energy efficient lighting, fixtures & appliances

• Choose low to no-VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) finishes

Our Solutions

The owner of this kitchen decided to go eco-friendly, with a quartz countertop design, energy efficient lighting and a timeless kitchen setup that their family can use for years to come.