Bathroom Renovation – Greige

Bathroom Renovation

Once upon a time beige was one of the most popular colors for interior walls. A couple of decades ago, it was a color that stood out. However, over the years, another color has risen to take the place of beige; and that is gray. As modern décor gains a foothold, many homeowners prefer a clean neutral look and gray delivers perfectly. Whether it is used in the living room, bedroom or library, it creates a chic luxury feel that no other color can replicate. With that said, many homeowners are still wary of turning their homes into dull concrete slabs. They want a way to enjoy the simplicity and cleanliness of gray while also injecting some warmth into the interior. The solution is in a color termed as: greige. It is a marriage of gray and beige, a union that brings the best of both worlds to form a shade that works perfectly for many homes.

Our Solutions

In this greige bathroom design, the owner wanted to utilize the greige consistently throughout. The blend of greige and white gives this bathroom a sleek, modern look that would make you want to spend more time in the bathroom every day.