Is Your Mudroom Ready for Spring?

The greater Philadelphia area gets muddy in the spring – is your home ready? “Mudroom” isn’t a very flattering name for any room in the house and unfortunately, most mudrooms live up to that name. They tend to be small, cluttered, dark, and messy. But the mudroom is a workhorse, and without a good design, the mess can spill over into the rest of the house. To create the best design for you, let’s think about what your particular needs are and then consider the elements of a great mudroom. 

What do you need?

Take some time to think through your family’s particular needs. Do any of these situations apply to your home and your family?

  • Young children who need lots of outerwear: mud boots, snow boots, gloves, hats, scarves, and coats, all in easy reach
  • Kids (or adults) with sports attire and sports equipment
  • Pets whose paws need to be wiped when they come in to avoid muddy paw prints throughout the house
  • Shedding pets that need regular brushing to limit hair and fur on the furniture, rugs, and beds
  • Cut grass tracked in from the lawn in the summer months
  • Mud and snow tracked in the rest of the year
  • Gardens that require frequent care
  • A pool that will have wet kids coming in and out in warm weather
  • Other outside entertainment that has its own equipment needs
  • Family members always on the go and crossing paths who could use a central message center for communication/notes, school flyers, permission slips to be signed, sports schedules, etc.


Elements of a great mudroom

The key goals of a mudroom are organization and cleanliness. You want to keep the mess from tracking into the house, and you want to keep it organized and easy to use for all members of the family. But don’t skimp on design. A mudroom can be functional while also having creativity and pizzazz. It’s about creating a positive experience as people enter your home – energizing them or relaxing them, and making them feel welcome. You decide your vibe. We can help you make it happen. 

You’ll want lots of light in your mudroom to make it brighter, more cheerful, and easier to keep clean. Natural light is best, if possible, but have plenty of overhead and under-counter light, too. Add a little accent light for warmth and mood.

An easy-to-clean floor is a must. Avoid flooring with lots of cracks where dirt and mud can collect and water can seep in. Our designers can advise you on some truly beautiful and functional floor options. 

Storage, storage, and more storage. There are many different kinds of storage, depending on your family’s needs. If you have several children, separate cubbies with hooks for their coats, boxes for gloves and hats, and open space for their shoes and boots help keep the kids organized and prevent them from encroaching on each other’s space. Overhead storage is great for seasonal sports equipment that isn’t needed year-round. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. 

You’ll want benches for changing shoes, wiping off a wet dog, etc. Using hinged seats with storage underneath provides yet more space to hide things rarely used. Include counter space to put things down when you come in. This is also where you can add a communication center and corkboard where the family knows to check for schedules, updates, etc. 

If possible, we recommend a sink for washing dirty hands and faces. If you have family members who engage in sports or hobbies in which they get very dirty or sweaty, consider adding a shower, if space permits. Got a big dog? Maybe add a dog bath. If you can connect your mudroom to your laundry, so much the better. That way you don’t have to carry dirty clothes through the house. 

Give us a call here at M&K Renovations, (610) 353-2895, from anywhere in the Philadelphia area or nearby New Jersey. Our team of designers and contractors will work together with you to get your mudroom ready for anything Mother Nature throws at us this year. And it’ll look so great that you’ll probably want to come up with a more flattering name.


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