Laundry Rooms Renovations

Does anyone really love their laundry room? Perhaps that overly affectionate word is, and always will be, a bit much when it comes to a room dedicated to a basic, yet necessary, household chore. But laundry isn’t the task it once was, so why should the room dedicated to its purpose be? Even if your laundry room was ill-conceived from the start, there are some simple ways to turn it from a workroom into a performance room you at least like. Contact us at M&K Renovations and let us help you conceive your dream laundry space!

Create Some Counter Space

Having adequate surface area for sorting and folding clothes is certain to make your life easier. If you have sufficient floor space, consider adding a center island (similar to one you would select for your kitchen). In addition to serving up a generously sized counter area, it will offer more storage options below. Not enough space in the center of the room? Consider adding a countertop over side-by-side washers and dryers that load in the front. That way, you can be sure you’re making good use of the space and giving the room a custom, built-in look.

Maximize Storage Options

Regardless of your laundry room’s size, there are always ways to add storage options. Any storage will help keep things in their place and, if not out of sight, at least confined and organized. Stock cabinets are inexpensive and can be installed easily. Consider both base- and wall-mounted units wherever possible. If cabinets are not an option, you’ll find a myriad of specially designed products to improve the storage capacity of any laundry room.