Outdoor Living Spaces 

Outdoor living spaces provide additional room to relax, play, and entertain guests. They really expand your home, giving you a feeling of spaciousness and “bringing the outdoors in.” Outdoor “rooms” can be fun to design and can fit just about any budget. They also significantly increase home value. Share with us your ideas and we’ll help you find the perfect combination of features within your budget to fulfill your goals. 

Goals for your outdoor living space

The most important step is to know what you want to do with your outdoor space. Do you entertain a lot? If so, how? Is it your dream to watch the game on a big-screen TV outside with a bunch of friends, or do you prefer family get-togethers with fun for all ages? 

Do you want to enjoy your beautiful backyard well into the chilly late-autumn evenings? Would you prefer a breezy breakfast in the shade? How about a quiet corner in which to meditate? 

The layout of your property and your house will greatly direct how your dream will be built, and you’ll want it to look attractive year-round, even when it’s not in use. Our designers and contracting experts may be able to suggest some options to overcome what you may consider obstacles and turn them into opportunities. 

For instance, a fantastic old tree in the middle of your yard can become a focal feature; steeply graded property can allow for multi-leveled patios; overgrown existing landscaping can be shaped and opened up for secret nooks. There are as many possibilities as there are properties and we look forward to working with you to discover your perfect blend of features. 

Favorite outdoor options

Although the following suggestions may seem “common,” you can make your outdoor space as unique as you are. Consider these ideas as jumping-off points, options that you can mix and match and adjust to suit your needs. And whatever you choose, don’t forget sufficient lighting to make your outdoor living area useable into the evening. 

Stone patio or deck: This is usually the starting point for any outdoor living space. There are so many options to choose from here. It can be attached to the house or separate, with walkways leading to the house and to other backyard features. It can be ground-level, raised, or multi-level. It can surround a pool or connect to a play area for the kids. It can be modern or rustic, regularly shaped or meandering through a garden. 

Outdoor cooking: Whether a built-in barbecue or a more elaborate outdoor kitchen with countertops, mini-fridge, wine cooler, and storage, having a place to cook outside while entertaining can keep you among your friends and family rather than being cooped up in the kitchen. 

Staying warm outside: Fire pits are a common feature for a more rugged look. Heating elements can be hung under a patio roof or pergola. Another option is a stone wall with a fireplace, complete with comfortable outdoor seating. This can be against the house, in essence adding another room. 

Roofing styles: You can extend your existing roof, choose a wooden frame with a solid roof or with adjustable slats or fabric covering, or go with a pergola that allows in light and encourages vining plants.

Water features: A fountain or pond can add a touch of elegance, peace, or even whimsy, depending on what you choose. And children love it, too!

Cozy corners: A wandering path that leads to a few quiet nooks with a bench or peaceful feature is a great addition to any backyard. A gazebo in a corner of the yard creates a destination and a sense of tranquility. 

Privacy walls: If your neighbor is very close, we recommend a privacy wall along your patio. This wall is a great place to add some of the features mentioned, like a bbq or fireplace. 

French doors and floor-to-ceiling windows: Turn a back room into an oasis that you can enjoy all year round with more windows, light, and large doors leading to your outdoor living space. 

Places to play: If there are children in your life, be sure to reserve a large part of your yard for them to run and play, but don’t forget some spaces for climbing and swinging. And what child doesn’t love a sandbox? Consider an inground sandpit for them to play in. Adults like lawn games, too. You can have a chess table like the ones in Central Park; space to play corn hole; even a built-in putting green.  

So you see, there are almost endless possibilities. At M&K Renovations, we’ve helped many homeowners turn their back or side yards into additional living areas. Contact us today at (610) 353-2895 with your dreams.