Redoing a Master Bathroom

Many homeowners dream of a luxury master bathroom.  Here in the greater Philadelphia area, we have found that with the escalating real estate market, many families are opting to upgrade their current homes rather than move to a new house. 

While a master bath was at one time considered a luxury, it is now an expected feature in new home designs, and those shopping for homes today will be looking for houses that include master baths. Let’s be honest – the bathroom is where we all start and end our day. Creating a space that generates a positive experience first thing in the morning and provides a haven for relaxation at the end of the day is a “necessary luxury” in our hectic modern world. 

Why create or redo a master bath

If your master bathroom is old or needs repairs, now might be the best time to update. As mentioned, a master bath is an expected feature in housing design, providing a significant boost in home value. If you don’t have one, or if yours is outdated or unattractive, your property value will be lower. 

Older bathrooms commonly need repairs. Toilets, tubs, and showers need to be recaulked. Tiles age and crack causing leaks that allow mold to set in. Cabinets get beat up, handles get broken, floors chip. The lighting in older bathrooms is usually too dark or too harsh, making it difficult to groom oneself properly and know how you’ll look in natural or office lighting. Poor ventilation systems allow steam to build up, which encourages the growth of mold and bacteria. 

These problems can potentially cause safety issues; poor lighting could increase the risk of bumping into something, and slippery floors and showers are a slip-and-fall disaster waiting to happen. Poor ventilation could retain or spread germs. Safety concerns particularly come into play if you have very young, elderly, or disabled people in the home. 

Popular master bath features

Your bathroom needs to be functional, for obvious reasons, but it should also have ambiance, style, and plenty of space for both you and your spouse to groom and relax. Here are some suggestions, which you can research and discuss with our designers:

  • Double sinks or double vanities. This feature allows spouses to keep their own items separate without causing annoyance or inconvenience for the other.
  • Improved lighting to eliminate harsh and unflattering shadows. LED lighting around mirrors provides great visibility while grooming in the morning, and adjustable lighting levels allow you to create just the right mood when you’re there to relax.
  • Water-saving faucets and toilets. Newer toilets include fancy add-ons, such as heated seats, bidet function, and self-cleaning features.
  • Glass enclosures for large open showers and a separate soaking tub. New tub designs are rounded and elegant, and many people are opting for a rain shower design that allows you to adjust your water pressure from a gentle mist to a downpour.
  • Sauna or steam shower. If you have the room and you like the feel, these items add a little more luxury without excessive cost.
  • Separate toilet closet – maybe two, his and hers.
  • In-floor radiant heat. Walking on a warm and cozy bathroom floor in the winter is a great way to wake up in the morning or stay relaxed after a shower or a soak after a long day. Consider wall-mounted heated towel racks for added winter comfort.
  • Walk-in closet, separated by a pocket door to save space but keep bathroom humidity out of the clothes.
  • Powerful ventilation system with a humidity sensor to automatically turn fans on or off to keep the humidity level constant.
  • A sitting area that turns the master bath into a master suite – a place to relax for a while away from the hectic noise of the home.
  • Features such as a shower seat, handrails, and a wide, no-threshold doorway to improve safety for family members who may be less steady on their feet.


Talk to our designers about your needs, then tell us your dreams. We’ll find a way to combine the two to create the ideal master bath for your home.


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