Why Choose a General Contractor to Handle Your Renovations?

A general contractor is the person in charge of making sure your construction or renovation dreams come true. Building projects have many moving parts and require many experts in order to ensure the highest quality outcome. We act as your general contractor on remodeling and new home construction projects around the Greater Philadelphia area including the Main Line and into Bucks County.  As your general contractor, we will pick the team of craftsmen, coordinate their work schedule, and constantly monitor the quality of their craftsmanship.

As general contractors, we work directly with you to design and plan your renovation project. Our own designers work with you to refine your ideas, coordinating with our architectural engineers to create the plans and blueprints to make your dream a reality. Then we build the team to get it done. 

The many subcontractors of a renovation job

To ensure outstanding results, we choose experienced subcontractors, checking their credentials, workmanship, and insurance. With over 40 years in the business, we have a number of outstanding subcontractors already vetted and ready to work with you. You might need subcontractors in the following trades:

  • Carpentry
  • Drywall
  • Plaster, masonry
  • Paint & wallpaper
  • HVAC (heating and air conditioning)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Excavation
  • Roofing & siding
  • Demolition
  • Landscaping & hardscaping (driveway, walkways)
  • Concrete, ironwork, or steelwork
  • Tiling, flooring
  • Glass and glazing
  • Window and door installation
  • Waterproofing


At different stages of the work, permits will be required. We know what is needed when, and we obtain the permits in a timely and accurate fashion, making sure that there are no legal or code violations. 

Problems with being your own general contractor

When your designer and your builder are not on the same team, communication is a problem. What the designer designs may not be practical or doable. It may surprise you that a designer may create a plan that won’t work or that may cause future problems, but we see this often when we are given plans created by an independent designer. This is why we think it’s critical that the builder and designer work together from the start.

When homeowners try to schedule their own subcontractors, they are often overwhelmed by the frequent schedule changes and delays that can take place when trying to organize multiple craftsmen.

When you choose M&K Renovations as your general contractor, you only need to know one phone number – ours. As general contractors, we take all the hassle away from you. If a subcontractor cannot complete a portion of the job in a timely manner, we have high-quality alternatives waiting who would gladly do the work. This is one way we keep your project on time and on budget. 

Our reputation is on the line, so we will do everything to guarantee outstanding results that you will love, so that you will tell your friends about us. Call us today at 610-353-2895 so we can take the first steps to make your dream project a reality.


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