Before and After – Total Transformation of an Old Farmhouse

In the autumn of 2020, during the pandemic, a customer called with a unique proposition. There was a piece of property in Media, PA, a home that had once been the original farmhouse on land that had since become a residential neighborhood. The customers had always wanted the property, and the 100-year-old woman living there had put it on the market, much to their delight. 

They loved the property and wanted to maintain the character of the house, but they also wanted a complete remodel and expansion of the home. And they wanted it soon.

Approaching this herculean feat, our goal was to be “that Contractor” who exceeds all expectations. So we set to work. 

M&K promised a fast turnaround, getting the proposal together within the week. Our designers worked with the clients’ “honey-do list” to make sure we fulfilled their dreams for the property. All necessary permits were acquired, and we set about assembling an army of contractors – excavation, masonry, utilities, framing, roofing, siding, and more – and carefully orchestrated the schedule in order to keep the project moving at a rapid pace without compromising quality.

The first step was to deconstruct the house, leaving only three walls of the original farmhouse. As is the case with most old houses, this place was out of square, below current safety standards, and not up to code, so everything had to go except those walls, which the customers wanted to maintain. Everything had to be worked around the walls, which added to the challenge of this unique project.

Deconstruction – essentially demolition, in this case – can be a dangerous and tricky process, especially in a residential area. It requires people with unique expertise. Because of our years of experience in the industry, we knew just the right contractors to choose for this critical part of the project.

Once the property was cleared of the debris from the old house and only the three walls remained, the old substandard basement being exposed, a new basement was excavated, new footers poured, a new foundation and basement floor were laid, and basement walls were constructed. 

Now the housing construction could begin. Working with the customers, our designer created a plan that fulfilled the homeowners’ wishlist and nearly tripled the size of the original home. As we worked, we kept the property owners in the loop at all times, informing them of the progress every step of the way. 

Besides dramatically expanding the ground floor, we added an entire second story along with a porch and entryway in the front. A vintage look was maintained throughout the home without compromising modern convenience by installing beautiful hardwood floors and a variety of door choices, including paneled doors, a pocket door, and a sliding barn door. Bathroom fixtures and cabinets combined the sense of modern and antique, resulting in a beautiful and peaceful look. 

Inset ceiling lights, as well as chandeliers and fixtures, were installed according to the customers’ choices. The modern kitchen, with island seating and light-colored cabinets to brighten the room, opened to the dining area. 

Because of our careful organization of the contractors and coordination with our designer, we were able to quickly perform all the tasks in just the right order, turning a dilapidated old farmhouse into a new home that retained character while providing all modern amenities and meeting or exceeding all safety standards and comforts that we expect in a modern home. We completed this massive project by June 2021 and the client was thrilled. 

General contracting is an exciting line of work, and because of our experience and our commitment to quality, when a project of this magnitude comes along, we’re up to the task. But large or small, we can transform your dreams into reality. Contact us at (610) 353-2895 today to get started.


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