Creating a Home Office

With so many workers now working remotely, we have been receiving lots of calls in our Main Line, PA office about home offices. When creating a home office, you want to take into consideration your particular business needs, your personality and work style, and the physical space available. That can be a lot to juggle, but we work with our clients to help them answer key questions so that their project becomes an asset to their business, increasing their productivity and bringing them real satisfaction.

Finding a space

Before deciding exactly what the space will look like, you need to determine where it can go. In most cases, it’s important to have an area that is quiet and out of the main flow of traffic in the home. However, if you’re juggling the responsibilities of caring for the kids while trying to work from home, you may not want an office in the far corner of the house. If clients come to your home office, you will want it close to an entrance. Think through these questions: 

  • Do you need to be near the action, or can your office be in a more quiet corner of the home?
  • Do you have a spare room or guest room that can be converted into an office?
  • If you don’t have a separate room, do you have a large room or basement where you can situate a home office?
  • Will your office need an outside entrance for client access?


Hopefully, this helps you determine where you can put an office. If not, we would be happy to visit your home and make some suggestions on what might work based on our experience. A fold-down bed, often called a Murphy bed, is a great way to turn a bedroom into an office. Partial walls can be used to partially close off a corner of a room or basement if you don’t want a completely separate room. We’ll work with you to find the perfect space.

Designing the space

Once you’ve determined a location for the office, you’ll want to think through some questions to ensure that the office design improves your efficiency, productivity, and happiness. 

How much natural light can you get into the office? Natural light is important for mood and health, especially if you are going to be in the office for many hours every day. If your natural light will be limited (or absent), you’ll want to design your office with ample light fixtures, like inset lighting or track lighting. A bright, cheerful office is a productive office. The light will also decrease eye strain, neck strain, and headaches. 

How much technology hardware do you need and how should it best be arranged? Some people need multiple computer screens, scanners, printers, and other technology, but not all of it has to be on the desk or the floor. Special units could be custom-built to arrange technology in functional and attractive ways. 

What do you need at your fingertips? What can be stored out of sight? How much storage do you need? Think about what items you use frequently throughout the day or the week and which items need to be available but don’t need to be easily accessed. Storage units or bookshelves within an arm’s reach and drawers that hide necessary office supplies create an efficient, tidy space. And with the increase in remote meetings, you’ll want your office to look professional and neat to the people with whom you will be interfacing across the internet. 

What colors are most productive for you? There’s a definite psychology to color, but people are also individuals, and the amount of color also matters. For instance, bright orange evokes energy, but four walls painted in a pumpkin shade could create anxiety. A muted yellow with accents in orange would have a much more energizing effect. Our designers can help you figure out what you like. 

Think outside the box – what fun or productive features would you love? If you’re in a creative line of work, you might want a wall with a whiteboard for thought-mapping. Or maybe you want a huge corkboard for photos or to change up posters to fit your mood. Be bold! This is your own, unique space! Let it define you.

Your home office dream is within reach. At M&K Renovations, we have years of experience helping clients create their dreams. Call us today at (610) 353-2895 to get started. 


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