basement renovations in Malvern, PA

Get the most out of your basement renovations in Malvern, PA

Your home’s basement has the potential to be a lot more than just a holding space for stuff that you don’t want seen in your main living areas. So if you’ve decided to go in for a remodeling of this ‘unutilized’ area of your home, it’s a decision you will be happy to have made in the long run. Here’s a run down on the factors you need to consider when planning a basement remodel.

Start with a plan

A great outcome always starts out as a clear vision. It’s important that you (and your family) are clear when speaking to basement renovation companies in Malvern PA about what you want your basement to be reinvented as: guest room, kids room, entertainment area, wine cellar perhaps?  Once you have your goal in sight, everything from expertise to budget to materials to timeline etc. will fall into place.

Plug moisture issues

Check your basement to look for moisture spots or accumulation of water. Minor water leakages can be addressed by sealing off cracks and reinforcing surfaces with waterproof paint. If the damage or water penetration is significant, you’ll need to contact a qualified and experienced basement renovation services company in Malvern, PA for comprehensive basement waterproofing services before you start out with your remodeling project.

Ensure light and brightness

Your basement doesn’t quite enjoy the same advantage as your ground or upper level spaces as far as the entry of natural light is concerned. Make sure that the home renovation services experts you hire create a provision for egress windows and/or basement skylights to give sunlight a clear and smooth pathway into your remodeled space. Using light colored paint is also an effective way to make your basement space appear brighter.

Build walls where necessary 

No matter what avatar you’re intending for your basement, you’ll need to have walls in place to make the area functional from the point of view of insulation, electrical wiring, fitments and outlets. Choosing to install walls in the right places will help you optimize the usage of space that’s available to you.

Include space for storage

A default benefit that your home’s basement offers you is storage space. While you have a plan for your basement, ensure that storage spaces are smartly integrated into this plan without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the remodeled area.

Finish it like any other home space

A remodeled basement will further the experience of style, comfort, pride and utility that your home provides you. Embellishing this space with accessories, art and other decoration materials will give it the same personal style or feel that you experience all around your home.

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