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Do’s and Don’ts While doing a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation can surely up the charm of your home, not to mention the comfort of a daily utility space. However, if you’re not too careful there’s a chance of gaps resulting between what you desire and what you finally end up with. Here are some essential do’s and don’ts to keep in mind, when you decide to give your bathroom a whole new facelift.

The Do’s

1. Do fix the budget

While it’s good to fancy a dream or design, you need to first have your budget in place. Renovations can be expensive so it’s advisable to set a ballpark that you’ll be comfortable sticking to later on. This figure is also essential from the point of view of the bathroom remodeling services pros you hire, who will then make sure the costs do not exceed the limit set by you.

2. Do decide on the design

Before you contact and proceed to consult a bathroom remodeling services company, it’s important to figure out what you want done. How would you like the design or layout to be? What elements would you like to bring into the space? What kind of fittings and accessories would accompany the design? Look at references online or perhaps visit your neighbors even. The more you look around, the more you’ll know how you want your bathroom to be.

3. Do hire the right people

Implementing what you have on your mind will call for much more than just state-of-the-art tools. You’ll need expertise, which is readily available in the form of remodeling companies in or around your neighborhood. Draw up a shortlist of home renovation companies in your area and check their credentials, including past work and customer references, to identify the right people to work with.

4. Do insist on high-quality materials

The kind of materials that go into your bathroom will determine not only the aesthetic outcome but also the extent of maintenance you’ll need and the durability of your bathroom. Request your bathroom remodeling services experts to use materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion and also easy to clean and maintain.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t demand a hurried completion

It may be tempting to pressure the remodeler to quicken the pace just so you get your dream bathroom a little earlier. This however, is ill-advised a move, as a shorter than usual timeframe for project completion will most likely come at the cost of overall quality. Allow the remodeler the time required to do the job right without making mistakes and compromises or leaving room for future issues.

2. Don’t leave out plumbing and electricals

If you have problems involving leaks or defective/malfunctioning electrical outlets, get them resolved by calling the right contractor. Your remodeled bathroom will enhance your level of comfort only if it’s optimal in every detail and not just its design and aesthetics.

3. Don’t leave out ventilation

A remodeled bathroom that doesn’t have the right channels for air flow will not just make you feel stuffy and claustrophobic, it will also lead to a build-up of moisture that could trigger mold and mildew growth. Ensure you have windows in the right places and you could further improve the ventilation by adding a ventilation fan.

4. Don’t leave out practicality

Some bathroom products may be truly stylish but could be inconvenient or impractical to use on a daily basis. It may also be possible that some accessories may not be as enduring as conventional choices. It’s necessary to weigh your decisions from a practical point of view to ensure all-round convenience of usage once the job is done.

A remodeled bathroom can take your home’s aesthetics and functionality up a notch, when done right. The do’s and don’ts mentioned here will make it easier for you to see the desired outcome without any undesirable issues. If you’re looking for experts to help create the bathroom you have on your mind, reach out to us. We’re M&K Renovations, a premier remodeling company based in the Philadelphia area. We come with a great team of remodeling professionals and a collective experience of over 40 years in high-end home renovations. Call 610 890 9170 to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards the bathroom your home deserves.


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