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Interior Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

One of the most important aspects of selling a home is curb appeal. That refers to how much people like the way your house looks on the outside. First impressions are huge in real estate, especially here in the Philadelphia area, where the housing market is competitive. But what about once they walk inside? If you’ve spent money on the exterior to attract buyers but they walk in and are greeted with an interior that looks drab, worn, or out-of-date, chances are you’ve lost the sale. 

Once you’ve won the battle of curb appeal and a buyer has decided to schedule a walkthrough, the interior needs to really shine. Some interior improvements are inexpensive and fairly quick but have a terrific impact. Others are larger investments, but if your home needs them, they should be done. 

  • Paint and paper: Give everything a new coat of paint or papering. It’s a good idea to wait until shortly before listing to do the paint, maybe a month before, so that it’s super-fresh and new. Paint, repair, or replace floorboards that have gotten banged up over the years.
  • Doorknobs and doors: Add new doorknobs throughout the home on both interior and exterior doors. Replace any doors that aren’t in good condition. You may even want to upgrade to a new look on your doors. Current trending door styles include shaker doors, sliding barn doors, glass or frosted doors, pocket doors, or flush doors, which have a smooth surface. Of course, you would not want to do the whole house in barn doors, but adding a few feature doors that highlight a particular room can be a great feature that helps you sell. A buyer could go home thinking, “You know, I really like the house with the barn door in the finished basement.”
  • Kitchen and bath: These two rooms get the most wear and tear and really need a facelift when selling your home. How much work depends on your house, but you at least want to add some features that homebuyers are currently looking for. New countertops and cabinet doors, new hardware, even a customized walk-in pantry closet are upgrades that help sell a house. Brighten your powder room and expand your master bath to make it an oasis at the end of a long day.
  • Flooring: Current homebuyers like the look of nice hardwood floors, so if you have them, flaunt them. Pull up old rugs and have your floors repaired and resurfaced for a fabulous, low-maintenance look. If that’s not doable, get new rugs throughout the house.
  • Outdoor living: Consider a deck, a fire pit, or even an enclosed outdoor room to extend living to the great outdoors. If you already have a deck, be sure to have it repaired and refinished, and consider adding a roof or pergola. Here in Southeast PA, these features are highly prized by home buyers.
  • Additional square footage: Depending on what you add to your home, the value can be tremendous. A finished basement or attic; the master bedroom combined with an adjacent spare bedroom to create a master suite; a luxurious master bedroom spa; whatever you choose, expanded living space can make your home more attractive to buyers. And depending on what you do, it could make it unique and memorable – the place that buyers want to call home.

At M&K Renovations, we love to help homeowners turn dreams into reality. If you have a project in mind or you’re planning on moving and want to improve your home’s value, give us a call. Our designers can take a look at your home and give you some suggestions that will help sell your house in record time at a great price, with a sizable return on your investment. We work with you and within your budget to select the most important repairs and best upgrades to help you sell. Call us at (610) 353-2895 at our office on the Main Line to get you started. We’re family-owned and operated and serve the Philadelphia area.