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Options for Finishing Off a Basement

What can you do with basement space? Practically anything. Every family’s interests and needs are different, and every house is different, so come to our designers with your dreams and some details about your house and we can start making your dreams fit into your reality. So many in the greater Philadelphia area are no longer commuting and families require additional space. Here are some great ideas for work and play areas that will allow quiet space when needed.  

How can I use my basement?

Below are a few lists of renovation ideas to get you started. Multiple uses can be combined in one project so your basement can fulfill multiple functions. 

More living space

  • Guest room
  • Home office
  • Workout room
  • Additional bathroom, sauna
  • Study room for kids
  • Living quarters for adult parents, adult kids, or a renter
  • Several rooms, separated by functional storage or by moving walls that can open up to create an open space
  • Extra sleeping space – “Murphy bed” or built-in bunks hidden behind a barn door
  • Fireplace
  • Extra kitchen space


Fun space

  • Basement bar for adult entertaining
  • Space for young kids or teens – or separate space for both
  • Home theater
  • Game room
  • Craft room, hobby room, workshop
  • “Man cave” or “lady’s lounge”
  • Practice putting green for the avid golfer
  • Music room with special acoustics – for the drummer in your family, or for music appreciation in just the right setting


Functional space

  • Laundry
  • Mudroom
  • More pantry space
  • Cold storage wine cellar
  • “Secret” room for special treasures 


Unique basement issues

Your basement has not been insulated as thoroughly as the rest of the house, and the ceiling has not gotten the same treatment as your upstairs ceilings. Therefore, noise control should be a part of your plan, especially if you will be using the basement for noisy activities like games and movies, but also if you need quiet for a home office or bedroom. 

Basement ceilings are often not as high as those in upstairs rooms, therefore it’s sometimes necessary to drop the level of the basement floor in order to supply sufficient headroom. 

In our Southeast PA area, dampness is often an issue in basements. At M&K Renovations, we have experts who can identify water issues and determine the best way to permanently solve them so moisture does not enter your home. 

Natural light is often limited in the basement, although most basements do have a few windows. We’ll work with you to discover creative ways to maximize and increase your natural light. In addition to bringing more light in, building with lighter colors or reflective materials, such as glass and mirrors, and proper placement of lighting will brighten your basement. 

A separate entrance into the basement can also function as a fire exit, which is particularly important if you plan to entertain a lot or if the basement will be long-term living quarters for someone. While most basements are underground on all sides, we can often find creative ways to add an exterior entrance to the basement. 

Since basements are often used for storage, and finishing your basement would mean losing a lot of that storage space, optimizing storage so there will be somewhere to keep your “stuff” is of great importance in the design of your basement remodel. There are many opportunities to create built-in and hidden storage that will keep your basement both beautiful and functional. 

At M&K Renovations, we love helping our clients create their dream homes, and we have the experts to help you do it, from the design phase to the finished project. Call us today at +1 610 890 9170 to get started.


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