Redo the Outside of Your Home

Maybe you think your exterior needs a facelift. Or maybe your home is in a development and you feel it looks too much like everyone else’s. Perhaps you’re thinking of selling and your house needs more “curb appeal.” Whatever your reasons for upgrading your exterior, there are many options that can fit any budget. Here are a few suggestions to help get you dreaming. 

Use basic maintenance as an excuse to upgrade

Houses sell for more if the roof or siding has been recently replaced. But don’t just replace — upgrade. Upgrade your existing roof to newer, more energy-efficient materials. And instead of basic asphalt shingles, consider the many options in architectural roof shingles, which also reflect UV rays, keeping your home cooler. Standing seam metal roofing is a great option for more contemporary homes, while tile or tile-like concrete is a great option for more traditional homes. You can even adjust a boring roofline by adding a peak or a couple of dormers. And don’t forget the gutters. Gutters are a humble but critical part of keeping your home dry and comfortable.

As with roofing materials, siding continues to improve in energy efficiency and longevity. The options of siding are many but don’t limit yourself to just siding. Consider other materials, such as stone, brick, metal, and stucco. Some homeowners choose to use several materials in order to create a more interesting look.  

If it’s time to upgrade your windows, again you want to go for high-efficiency models, but choose a design that enhances the style of your home. A more traditional, older home may look better with multiple panels, while a contemporary home may look best with a single-pane window design. You can also replace or add shutters and even add decorative edging on the top of the windows.

Consider adding more pizzazz to your siding by adding accent strips or decorative stonework around the garage or front door. Replace or repaint your garage doors. And painting the trim a contrasting or bold color can make a home really pop. 

Make changes to your front door

A simple but powerful way to change the look of a home is to add a portico or porch. Add accent windows along the sides of the front door and paint the door a bold or cheery color. Add a railing to an existing porch. All of these draw attention to your front door and say “Welcome.” And don’t forget to update the walkway to your door as well. 

Upgrade landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting

Your landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting can be reimagined together, working in tandem to create a powerful effect. Walkways can meander through a meticulous landscape, with lights or lanterns along the sides of the walk or along the driveway, while accent lighting can highlight the arching branches of a magnificent tree at night. Walkways can lead to quiet nooks as well as to your front door, and a lighted path can lead visitors around back to an oasis of relaxation and entertainment. 

Create a living space outside

Outdoor living spaces can be as simple or as complex as you want, but any effort put into outdoor living will pay off, both now and when it’s time to sell. Some popular options:

  • Pergola, gazebo, or detached getaway from sun and rain
  • Deck or patio for outside relaxation or entertainment
  • Pool or water feature
  • Outdoor cooking area or “outdoor kitchen”
  • Fireplace or firepit
  • Privacy wall
  • Children’s play area or adult lawn games area


Updating your exterior will enhance your home’s curb appeal if you want to sell, and will just make it nicer to come home to if you are going to stay. Call us here at M&K Renovations, (610) 353-2895, to get started on your next project. Family-owned and operated general contractors, we service the Philadelphia area from our location on the Main Line.


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