Fun & Efficient High-Tech Kitchen

Technology is being integrated into kitchen appliances and cabinetry like never before. Whether your style is modern, rustic farmhouse, or vintage, the latest technology can be worked into your kitchen to provide you with the most convenience and efficiency. Consider some of the items below when you’re thinking of kitchen upgrades. 

Voice-controlled automation

Voice-activated technology has been around for a little while, but if you’re thinking of home renovations, consider how you can integrate technology into your home that will sync with your smartphone, Echo, or other voice-operated technology. What can be synced and what kinds of voice commands can you give? Consider syncing your security system, thermostats, home audio system, and video entertainment system, and even window shading and lighting variations. 

Cameras in the kitchen

With a camera in your refrigerator synced to your phone, you can use apps that suggest a recipe, help you create your shopping list, and even see who is sneaking the last piece of pie. Similarly, a camera in your oven can help you monitor the level of doneness and adjust the temperature accordingly. You don’t even have to open the door and let out the heat. 

“Smart” cooktops, refrigerators, and ovens

Ovens can come with touch-screen control panels that are essentially Google-run tablets. Steam ovens cook your food by heat generated by boiling water as well as by convection. Smart stovetops are available that aren’t limited to burners – the entire cooktop is usable and fully touch-screen operated. 

The newest refrigerators offer more than just cameras. Some come with a “knock twice to view” feature, allowing you to see the contents without opening the door. You can flip a part of a freezer unit into refrigeration when you need more fridge space. You can even create your own custom refrigeration system, defining your own requirements for your refrigerator, freezer, and wine cooler.

Control your cabinets

Soft-closing doors and drawers prevent slamming by regulating the speed of closure, but even more cool is the motorized cabinet. This feature, which raises or lowers cabinets for comfortable access, opens up a wide variety of options. The most obvious application is to provide wheelchair access to higher cabinets or help people reach a high top shelf. But creativity can be applied. Dead space above cabinets can be utilized better. You could even devise additional storage behind cabinets for rarely-used items, or pockets for cabinets to sink into and hide if you so desire. Other gadgets include roll-out shelves, built-in compost collectors, and touch-open surfaces with no handles needed. 

Endless kitchen gadgets

Handy high-tech kitchen gadgets are too numerous to list, but consider some of these: coffee or teapots synced to your alarm clock; cooking thermometers synced to an app on your phone so your meal comes out perfect; fancy scales that can automatically adjust recipes if you’re short an ingredient or help you make the perfect martini; stove knobs that set cook times and burner settings and respond to voice commands. The possibilities are endless. New and convenient gadgets are entering the market all the time! 

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