Daniel Miller-Uueda – 2/12/2020

Fantastic! M&K was contracted to replace a basement window but there was a lot of moving parts associated with the job. I needed to remove the old window, get a new washer and dryer delivered through the window (because the basement staircase wasn’t wide enough), and then install the new window. Ken from M&K worked with me to arrive early in the day before delivery and then come back to install after delivery. However, the delivery guys wouldn’t deliver to the basement through the window, nor remove the old appliances. I understand why (not company policy) but it was unexpected and left me in a bad situation. Called up Ken to let him know what happened and he refused any solution that didn’t involve him helping me move the appliances. He came over and 20 minutes later we had everything moved. 45 minutes later, the window was installed. Ken also comforted my 14-month old who was screaming because Dad was in the basement. It’s this kind of stuff that makes you stick with a contractor. I’ve used M&K for a few different projects in the past (window replacement, basement finishing, kitchen remodeling) totaling ~$20k but this is the first review I’ve written and it’s for a $600 project. It would be hard to go elsewhere. Also, window looks great, seal is perfect. No more draft.


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