Six Trends in Home Remodeling in 2022

While some trends in home remodeling come and go, others have real longevity because they are functional while creating living spaces that spark joy and comfort. There are six recent trends that we think have those qualities and can help you incorporate them into your home in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Consider how these ideas may help you fulfill some of your needs. 

  1. Bringing the outdoors in – and the indoors out

Nature creates a spirit of calm in most people. Since many people in the Philadelphia area have had to “shelter in place” for some time, working and entertaining themselves at home, many homeowners are looking for ways to connect outdoor and indoor living to create harmony and luxury at the same time.

For indoor living, consider more plant-filled spaces or decor with floral motifs and moss-colored accents. For outdoor living, you may want to expand your patio or deck and add living areas. We see many homeowners creating outdoor kitchen spaces, outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, and sitting areas for watching movies outside. Lighting and comfortable but weather-proof furniture complete the outdoor room. 

Hobby gardeners may want raised beds and planters, pergolas, trellises, and even water features adjacent to or on the deck in order to bring more life into their outdoor living area.

Consider connecting indoor and outdoor spaces with wall-to-wall windows or sliding doors. By harmonizing the design both outside and inside and coordinating or matching the flooring, you can create the illusion of one large room. 

  1. Multi-functional living spaces and shifting floor plans

Home has become a place where adults live and work, where children learn and play. Adult children may be returning home for a time, while older parents may be moving in. With more generations at home and more activities going on, open floor plans are less functional, but communal space is still desired. The solution? Changeable living spaces. 

Sliding walls and doors can open up a space or create quiet areas to work or study; Murphy beds can turn an open room into a bedroom; moveable shelving units can change floor layouts entirely. There are many creative options. 

  1. Mudrooms with custom features

Consider adding or expanding a mudroom by renovating a portion of the garage or current laundry room. Homeowners are adding personal touches, customized for their needs: space for delivery drop-offs; pet washing station; counter for folding clothes, sink, and storage near washer/dryer; charging station and family communication board; easy-to-clean floor. 

  1. Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADE)

Call it a twist on the in-law suite, only stand-alone. ADUs are small housing units separate from the home, for adult children, older parents, or renters. They can be used as an office, artistic space, or little get-away. 

  1. Spa bathrooms

These have been trending for a while, and it’s understandable. Who doesn’t love a spa experience? Now you can have it in your own home, perhaps in your master bathroom. Consider a deep, stand-alone tub and a separate shower with a rain showerhead. Vessel sinks, mood lighting, unique flooring materials, and towel shelves complete the spa feel. 

  1. Sustainability

Another trend that won’t go away soon is sustainability. Consider solar panels to help cut your electric bills and help the environment. Other environmentally friendly upgrades include LED lighting, water-saving devices, and energy-efficient appliances. 

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