Laundry Room Makeover: Make It Special

The laundry room doesn’t get much attention in a home. It’s one of those utilitarian rooms that we would rather not have to think about until we need it. So we close the laundry room door when guests are over and hope they don’t accidentally open it when looking for the powder room! 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The laundry room is necessary for our modern lifestyle, so it shouldn’t cause you stress or anxiety, just because everything always seems to pile up and it always looks like a mess. Let us show you how a few changes can turn your laundry room into a well-functioning, high-performance room, providing space and storage and making your work quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. 

Components of a high-functioning laundry room

It goes without saying that a laundry room in a modern home has a washer and a dryer. But the capacity and design of these appliances have a major impact on the efficiency of your laundry room. Consider the size of your family and choose items that fit your needs. If your room is small or narrow, you may want to consider appliances that stack on top of each other. Some rooms may also allow for the option of a built-in washer and dryer that appear flush against a wall, creating a sleek look. 

A high-performance laundry room will also have ample storage space. At M&K Renovations, we’re experts at using space in unexpected ways to provide you with storage that’s functional as well as beautiful. In addition, you’ll need counter space for sorting clothes, and if space permits, a sink for handwashing delicate items or spot-cleaning clothes.

On top of all these components, you need style. Functional doesn’t have to mean boring. You can really have fun with a laundry room, using bright or unexpected colors on walls with paint, wallpaper, or tiles. Or you can make the flooring a focal point with a fun tile pattern or light wood grain. Allow space for some pictures on the walls or a whimsical lighting fixture.  

Since many laundry rooms are fairly small with little if any natural lighting, we usually recommend choosing light-colored appliances and using a bright, light base color with accents that pop. For instance, a mostly white room with a retro-farmhouse blue and white patterned tile floor and navy accents can awaken an old, dreary room, making doing the laundry a relaxing experience! 

Your renovated laundry room

Imagine all your cleaning supplies neatly tucked away, having space to fold your clothes and hang the delicates to air-dry, ironing your clothes to your favorite music, and having somewhere to put away the ironing board when you’re done – all in a room that is bright, beautiful, and orderly. That’s a well-designed, well-built laundry room.

The laundry room may not seem like much, but it shouldn’t cause stress. When designed properly and built with quality workmanship, your laundry room will add to a feeling of order and peace in your home, and that’s our goal here at M&K. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your home renovation needs.


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