Small Space Living Solutions

Whether you have a small house or just a small area you’d like to utilize better, the right combination of structure and interior design can help you optimize your space so that small areas can seem spacious and comfortable.

Does your room have a feature that you consider a “flaw”? If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area, we can help you work that feature into the living space and turn it into an asset.

For instance:

  • Got a load-bearing column that seems to cut into your space? We can create built-in seating or cabinets that turn it into an accent piece and utilize the space around it optimally.
  • Turn an awkward closet or space under stairs into a small office with a floating desk, drawers, and ideal lighting placement.
  • Add a mini-mudroom by enclosing or building a small entryway to store outerwear such as umbrellas and boots and to keep a small house clean.
  • A small kitchen can expand its counter space with an island on wheels. Move it out of the way when more floor space is needed.
  • No room for a door to swing open? Try pocket doors, barn-style doors, or folding doors.
  • Turn a powder room into a 3/4 bath with an attractive corner shower.
  • A deep alcove with seemingly no purpose can become a cozy reading nook, office, dressing room, or storage area.
  • Windowless room? Install a half-wall with framed “windows” above or a full-length glass wall to allow light in from another room. Curtains can be hung to close if privacy is needed.
  • A small laundry room can seem to expand with a stacking washer/dryer (see our laundry room post for more ideas)
  • Small bedrooms can expand with built-in beds that have storage units beneath them.
  • A window seat or bench by the entryway can lift up for additional storage underneath.
  • A partial wall, floor-to-ceiling but not all the way across, can divide a single living space into two and can be used to house bookshelves, storage, entertainment equipment, and unsightly cords on one side, while the more visible room remains sleek and organized.


Other structural and design ideas:

  • Add floating shelves for a space-saving and decorative look.
  • Light, monochrome interior design visually increases space and brightens a room.
  • Large floor tiles in a small bathroom combined with bright, monochromatic color choices visually enlarge the area.
  • Double your use of space: a deep built-in sitting area can double as a bed for guests; a Murphy bed can be closed until needed, utilizing the room for other purposes; depending on your home’s design, a trundle bed, which slides in and out horizontally, may be able to tuck away neatly during the day under cabinets.
  • Fewer large pieces in a room, with a dramatic focal point, make a room feel more spacious without the clutter.
  • Limit the need for stand-alone lighting with wall-mounted sconces, track lights, and attractive chandeliers or other statement pieces.
  • Paint one wall dark – the dark color makes that wall visually recede. 
  • Paint stand-alone shelving to match the wall to create the illusion of built-in storage space.
  • A small but well-appointed entryway can make the room it leads into seem that much larger and more grand.
  • Glass or glass-like furniture, such as an “invisible” coffee table, keeps the room open-looking. The few items on the table will seem to be suspended in the air!
  • Build cabinets the full height of the room. Use the upper shelves for rarely needed items.


Give us a call here at M&K Renovations at (610) 890-9170. Our designers work together with our architects and builders to help you craft a solution for your small space that fulfills your goals and remains within your timeframe and budget. 


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